Do what your heart tells you to do.


Kids, listen!

Jill went into the house.

It is not rare at all to live over ninety years.

Happy is the man who is content with his lot.

Nothing is routine.


I am the oldest of the three.

A cold rain fell over the city.

This hospital is for sale.

Do you want to have fun?

What time does the train for Boston leave?


Don't attempt to steal other people's belongings!


I suggested that to him.

You've already had cake.

He has a plan to ambush him.

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He was looking at you.

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She got kicked by a horse.

We were really good.

He didn't understand his joke.

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And not only that, the goods in the company shop were usually more expensive than elsewhere.

Only the surface of things reveals the essence of things.

There's no doubt: the universe is infinite.


She found a ball in the garden.


Lawrence often lies to Mohammad.

Did you remember to close the windows?

Let's give her another chance.

Life is too short to seek perfection in material things.

The temperature fell to five degrees below zero.


It is the wilderness in the mind, the desert wastes in the heart through which one wanders lost and a stranger. When one is a stranger to oneself then one is estranged from others too. If one is out of touch with oneself, then one cannot touch others.

The project was successful in the sense that it drew the attention of everyone.

Which is your pen?

I have everything here that I need.

I can't wait to be with you.

We've heard enough of your complaints.

I used to be scared of spiders, but not anymore.

He stepped into dog shit.

You must be blind as a bat if you couldn't see it.

It looks like Aimee doesn't really want this job.

She went too far.

The world doesn't revolve around you.

He can hardly walk.

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My God, she has really bad breath.

You'll never get Matthieu to agree.

We request this address.


I came for him.


Dan developed the film.


Don't you believe in miracles?

We just saw him.

I am not a libertarian.

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There were indeed seven of us.

I found it difficult to achieve my purpose.

It'll cost at least 2,000 yen to take a taxi.

I can't live with it.

He probably didn't have sex with her.


He was very pleased when he saw him.


More and more students are joining the protests.

An astute reader should be willing to weigh everything they read, including anonymous sources.

I can now die a happy man.

I am sorry to write such a long letter. I didn't have time to write a short one.

I used to go running every day after work.

You're a very lucky man.

He's very forgetful of things.

I'm very happy that I can take care of the baby.

We'd better do what they say.

Kelvin is a doll.

You don't need to point that out to me.

The prisoners were released.

Whoever gets home first starts cooking the supper.

It doesn't make much difference.

I told you I was telling the truth.

You should talk to someone.

I am going to spend the weekend in Tokyo.

I ask these questions by way of finding out the cause of the accident.

Lonhyn was surprised by Huashi's comment.

I am sorry to tell you that ...

It's been ten years since he came to Japan.

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That is intriguing.

Just ignore Ramsey.

Astronauts wear spacesuits.

She is one of my friends.

Do you know where the bus-stop is?


I can't afford to retire.


Ray hasn't found Mwa yet.


I told him I was interested.

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Maybe we should turn back.

I like the singer's voice, too.

It was Brian's fault.


Charlene doesn't need a babysitter.

She must be well off.

Space sat down on the bench.

I never thought I'd see this happen.

I own three cats.

Isaac is my patient.

Pay at the end, please.

Did you ask her?

You can't outrun that bear.

It is easy to love, but hard to be loved.

She was disguised in men's clothes.


It was totally random.

Don't you know him?

It's a limited-time offer.


They know Liyuan.

Never choose a vocation just because your friends are in it, nor refuse another just because your worst enemy is in it.

You may stay here with me.

I think that she's trying to make you jealous.

I never listen to him anyway.

He tore up the letter in tears.

Gene isn't charismatic.


Juliane suggested to Kyle that she apologize and make amends.


We'll take that under consideration.

I make a living playing music.

Albert put a star on top of the Christmas tree.


Is Takao still interested?

The nurse gave you a sedative.

Jun blames Gypsy for his mistakes.

Murthy looked very good.

I used to walk in the cemetery in my youth.


But...no one translates the sentences I create.

I had nobody to play with when I lived with my grandmother.

Wayne did an incredible job.


Why is Val just standing there?

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Please hold on tight.

The teacher contemplated me for a while.

Brent has never spoken to me.


She's violent right now. It'd be better to avoid her.

Series are best watched after all seasons have been filmed.

She is attracting comments from all quarters.


You can use my desk if you want.

Day after day the tabloids titillated the public with lurid details about the president's marital infidelity.

Oh, I have a plethora of choice words for that individual!


We'll talk with her on Monday.

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I don't see any reason for hurrying.


Marcos downed his drink and left.

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Rain is likely to fall.

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The bandits stole the Holy Grail.


I hope to graduate at the exams.

Are you sure you don't want to go swimming with us?

They're trying to help.

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Spy doesn't like talking about sports.

The bad-tempered man snapped at his daughter.

Edwin imposed draconian punishments on her son for committing even the smallest infractions.

"Why do you say that she's liar?" "Because she is."

I've gained three pounds.


I wish I could change places with Pontus, but I can't.

She speaks Spanish, not to mention English.

I should've trained Jerome myself.

You may link to this webpage freely.

Toerless seems to like the same kind of music as Tyler.

Your plan has the virtue of being practical.

Our baby was born healthy.

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Why is Stacey being so quiet?


The chances are that she is still in bed.

Can you recommend a good dictionary to me?

The Egyptians built this temple to honour the Pharaoh Ramses II.

Jesus made a big mistake.

Do you have any left in stock?